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Whether exploring remote geographical areas or traveling without an actual destination crossing the country backroads, valuable inspirations continue to be revealed. Visible and obscured features of the land, structures, paths and trails on these expeditions captivate my interest.


The passage of time leaves its mark on these natural and man-made structures in these strangely forgotten places. I use this composite imagery processed with my imagination as source material in my sculptures and paintings.  

Layered color bands are used to produce movement and a passage that precedes linear defining boundaries. Partial structures and forms are established to discuss spatiality in various fields of depth.


My art pieces are a changing combination of materials both sculptural and mixed media. I paint on wood panels and hand stretched canvas. I weld and fabricate with steel and aluminum. My process is additive and subtractive;  after I add paint and other mediums I age and distress certain areas of the piece with sandpaper, scrapers or a grinding wheel.  Objects are renewed as symbols in my work –they are a part of my visual vocabulary. My visual discussion is about the life we are engaged in.

I am invariably rewarded by the consistent process of moving the boundaries of art, using my findings on my explorations to push them.

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